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Saturday, June 30, 2018

What not to say in public...

But has been said to retail employees:
  • I have flea bites all over my stomach.
  • This is my revenge outfit.
  • Is this pair of short $29.99? (After being told all shorts are..$29.99..)
  • Look up my husband's name on urban dictionary. (ie. Don't.)
  • I promise I didn't wear these shorts that don't have a price tag, don't have a receipt, are wrinkled and have stains on them. Can I return them?
  • Can I use my ex-husband's checks?
  • Hi homegirl!
  • I'm going through bankruptcy...Can I put this $200 jacket on hold?

(The above is a dramatization based on true life events. Any resemblance to actual people is.. accurate and unfortunely unaltered.)

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