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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Version 3.0: What Not To Say In Public

Customer Edition: The Saga of the $10 Coupon

Customer: I received a coupon for $10 off an item. Can I pay the difference?

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Retail Worker: (Stone face) 
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I have to make sure its under your account. You can't use someone else's account.


Customer: It's my account I can give you the phone number. It's ###-###-####.

Retail Worker: That is not showing. I can't help you.


Customer: But your company sent the coupon to my email address. How can I not be able to use it? That's the only reason I came in.

Ten minutes of arguing goes by. Customer is begining to lose her cool. 
Manager finally comes to the front.

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Retail Worker to Manager: She said a coupon was sent to her phone. We can't look up other numbers.

Customer: No, I said it was sent to my email address, not my phone. The email is just on my phone...(*Why...please...Why?*)

 Manager fixes transaction.

No apology from retail worker.

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Customer is finally able to buy bottle. For $00.31!!

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Arrives at home. Shaken, but exhilarated she got the bottle so cheap.

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 Customer to Sister after enthusiastically telling her the whole saga: But I finally got it for only 31 cents!!!

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Sister to Customer: You know I have two bottles of that in the bathroom right?


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The End

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